Theodora is an Icelandic product designer based in London. She holds a bachelor’s degree in product design from the Iceland Academy of the Arts and a master’s degree in Design Products from the Royal College of Art in London in 2015.

Theodora’s work revolves around the narrative an object can inhabit and exploring ways of objectifying that narrative. She's interested in the way an object can act as documentation of it’s manufacturing process; a record of what went on between the machine, tools, craftsman and material as well as it can communicate it’s origin and former life. That often leads to discovery of unexpected qualities as well as it gives the user a subtle opportunity to reconsider our material world and explore value in a different way.



2013 - 2015   Royal College of Art, MA Design Products

2009 - 2012  Iceland Academy of the Arts, BA Product design

2007 - 2008  Trade school of Hafnarfjörður, Iceland, Art and Design foundation

2002 - 2006 College of Sund, Reykjavík, Natural science, Advanced level



2018 - ‘Horror Show’, London Design Festival, London

2018 - ‘Why Materials Matter’, Ma-tt-er, London design Festival, London

2018 - 'Mould', Geysir heima, DesignMarch, Reykjavik, Iceland

2018 - 'Work in progress', with 54°Celsius, Rammagerðin, DesignMarch, Reykjavik, Iceland

2017 - 'Luminates', Mint, London Design Festival, London

2017 - 'Hungry for design', design week, Milano

2016 - 'Experiment - Clay and more', Hafnarborg museum, Hafnarfjörður, Iceland

2016 - 'Úr ólíkum áttum', Sýrusson, Reykajvík, Iceland

2016 - 'EldhúsMars', Hrím eldhús, DesignMarch, Reykjavík, Iceland 

2015 - 'Graduated', London design festival, London

2015 - Royal College of Art graduate show, London

2013 - 'Homeless design', Brera, design week, Milano

2012 - Graduate show of the Icelandic Academy of the Arts, Reykjavik Art museum, Iceland

2009 - Children's sizes, Hafnarborg Art museum, Iceland



2017 - present   Freelance designer at Bethan Laura Wood & StoreyStudio 

2016 - Freelance designer at Philippe Malouin / POST-OFFICE

2015 - Stalla Libra / Workshop in Sedrun, Switzerland 

2012 - Internship at Studio Faye Toogood, London

2012 - Internship at Boisbuchet, creative community, France (Vitra design museum)

2012 - Spark design space, Iceland

2011 - Bongóblíða, project led by Sigríður Sigurjónsdóttir, professor at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, Iceland 


Talks and Workshops

2018 - Process, Iceland Academy of the Arts, 10 weeks course for 1st year MA students, Design

2018 - Creative thinking, Iceland Academy of the Arts, 10 weeks course for 1st year BA students, Product Design

2017 - Creative thinking, Iceland Academy of the Arts, 10 weeks course for 1st year BA students, Product Design

2017 -  The Reykjavík Grapevine Design Awards 2017, product of the year, award of excellence

2016 - The making of an object, Iceland Academy of the Arts, talk

2016 - High tech/low tech, Iceland Academy of the Arts, workshop attended by 1st year students in Product Design

2016 - Ceramics and my work, The Reykjavik School of Visual Arts, talk